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Third Trimester of Pregnancy; weeks 29 to 40

Your baby will grow from around 1kg, to around 3.5 in this trimester.

Fetus at 34 weeks gestation

Fetal Wellbeing Scan

scancloseupmini.jpgFetal Wellbeing or Growth Scan including Doppler blood flow for reassurance and to check for life threatening conditions.

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Your Baby

You baby grows from around 1.1kg in weight to an average birth weight of around 3.5kg, although there can be a large variation in both weight and length at birth.

Your Body and Symptoms

Pregnancy aches and pains may become more pronounced in this trimester.

Your body undergoes huge change in pregnancy and if this is your first child you may find the changes a little strange. Many women often worry that they are displaying symptoms that may not be normal too. This section aims to answer general questions about how your body changes week to week, what’s normal and how to adapt to cope with your growing frame.

We also let you know about common symptoms you may be experiencing. Remedies to help with different stages of pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness and backache, and ideas on how to stay healthy during your pregnancy.

Symptoms to Watch Out For

It is important ot be alert for various simptoms in the Third Trimester, if you experience these symptoms seek medical help.

Your Care on the NHS

The NHS have a fairly similar care strategy for all pregnant women, unless complications arise, in which the strategy changes. We let you know of the care you should be receiving week by week from your NHS provider, your midwife and your GP.

Other Care Available

During the third trimester many women choose to have private growth and presentation scans. This is to check all is well with the baby and to check baby's position and that of the placenta for delivery.

Pregnancy Reflexology and Osteopathy is particularily useful at this stage of pregnancy.

Private antenatal birth classes and breastfeeding preparation sessions are available with a private midwife.

Our Guide

Our guide is not intended to replace the advice or information you gain from your health provider. Neither is it an exhaustive list of all the complications or symptoms you may experience during pregnancy. It is a light guide intended to be an extra to the medical advice you receive from those who take care of you during pregnancy.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to call our clinic.