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A Guide to the First Trimester of your Pregnancy, From Conception to 13 weeks.

Your baby growns from just a few cells, to having all major organs in place.

Pregnancy Fetal Development First Trimester

Viability Scan

viabilityScan.jpgFrom 6-7 weeks onwards. Evening and Weekend appointments availabe. Same Day service.

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Your Baby

During the first trimester your baby grows from just a few cells to around 7cm long (crown to rump length). Your baby will develop all major body parts and organs.

Your Body and Symptoms

Each week will take you through common symptoms of pregnancy in the first trimester. 

Symptoms to Watch Out For

Unfortunately not every pregnancy runs smoothly and when you display symptoms such as bleeding during pregnancy you can become very stressed and anxious. Our section lets you know of symptoms you should watch out for and when you should call your Doctor for help.

Your Care on the NHS

The NHS have a fairly similar care strategy for all pregnant women, unless complications arise, in which the strategy changes. We let you know of the care you should be receiving week by week from your NHS provider, your midwife and your GP.

Other Care Available

Sometimes NHS care isn’t enough. Many women like to book extra scans to see their growing baby or receive additional support and help. We let you know of private care options available either as a one off service or throughout your whole pregnancy.

During the first trimester plenty of additional care is available, including short-notice viability scans, Harmony and Panorama Prenatal Screening. You can also arrange to see a private midwife or doctor with any concerns you may have.

Our Guide

Our guide is not intended to replace the advice or information you gain from your health provider. Neither is it an exhaustive list of all the complications or symptoms you may experience during pregnancy. It is a light guide intended to be an extra to the medical advice you receive from those who take care of you during pregnancy.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to call our clinic.