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Early pregnancy viability scan

Usually transabdominal scan

To confirm pregnancy and establish a due date

To exclude ectopic pregnancy

To reassure when bleeding

To check for twins or more

Why choose The Birth Company for your scan?
  • Longer appointment times
  • Early morning, Evening and weekend appointments
  • Same day Results
  • Specialist Consultant on hand
Scan Pricing
By Sonographer £100
By Consultant £200


£30 surcharge is applied to evening and weekend appointments.

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Share your scan

iBabyScan is available with all of our scans. You can share video of your scan with friends and family online securely within moments of your scan.


You do not need a referral for any services performed by the Birth Company.

Using our services will not affect your right to NHS care.

The reports and scans we perform are often more comprehensive than NHS equivalent and will be accepted by NHS midwives and consultants. On the rare occasion that it is necessary, and only with your permission, we are also able to discuss your case with your primary caregiver.

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Kathryn Weir Birth Company Sonographer

Early Pregnancy Viability Scan

An early pregnancy (also called a viability or dating scan) will confirm a pregnancy and establish an estimated due date.

An early pregnancy viability scan can be performed from 6 weeks of pregnancy, it is available to all women, and particularly recommended where there has been pain or bleeding. We recommend this scan for all pregnant women over 35.



How is the scan done?

  • Early pregnancy scans are easily performed at 7-11 weeks of pregnancy and are usually done ‘transabdominally’ which means over the tummy.
  • A 6-7 week transvaginal scan can be done if you are concerned about a possible ectopic pregnancy.  At this stage we are unlikely to see a heart beating but we will be able to confirm that the sac is within the uterus.

What can the scan at 7-11 weeks confirm?

  • How many embryos there are
  • Confirm the presence of a heartbeat
  • Indicate the size of the sac or the embryo, which confirms the number of weeks of pregnancy.
  • It can also confirm the presence of internal bleeding which may be significant and require regular scans.

What are the indications or reasons for having this scan?

  • Unsure of dates
  • Bleeding or spotting
  • Unusual pain
  • History of early miscarriage
  • History of a ectopic pregnancy

Consultant or Sonographer?

  • If you are having a normal pregnancy, then in most cases a scan by one of our experienced sonographers is advisable. All our sonographers are fully qualified and accredited, so you are in safe hands.
  • If however, you are experiencing complications with your pregnancy or need a second opinion, a scan with our consultant is recommended.

Is it easy to make an appointment?

We offer morning, afternoon and occasionally evening appointments during the week as well as Saturday appointments.  We have a wide range of availability therefore short notice appointments can be easily arranged.

What you will receive:      

  • Immediate results including gestational age and estimated due date.
  • A report to file with your maternity notes.
  • Pictures
  • A video recording sent to an email of your choice via iBabyScan

How to Prepare for your scan   

  • A moderately full bladder will improve the visibility of the pregnancy by transabdominal scan.

What is an iBabyScan?  

The Birth Company is the first clinic in London to offer iBabyScan, allowing you to share your pregnancy ultrasound with friends and family wherever they are in the world. This optional recording can be shared with 1-click via Email, Facebook and Twitter. Simply tell your sonographer that you would like an iBabyScan – it only takes an additional one or two minutes.

What is the next scan following an early pregnancy scan?

The next scan is the 12 week Nuchal Translucency Scan which assess the risks of Down's syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities.  You can have the Nuchal scan from 11 weeks 2 days to 13 weeks 6 days of pregnancy. As well as receiving a risk for Down’s, Edward’s and Patau’s syndrome we can also diagnose certain major fetal abnormalities.

If you are looking for a test with a higher detection rate then The Harmony Test and The Panorama Test can be done after 10 weeks of pregnancy.  This test is non-invasive and involves an ultrasound scan and simple and safe blood test.