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High Quality Cervical Scans

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A Cervical Scan can help determine whether you are at risk of early delivery.

Private Cervical Scan London
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  • Longer appointment times
  • Early morning, Evening and weekend appointments
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Scan Pricing
By Sonographer £100


(£50 when booked with any other scan)

£30 surcharge is applied to evening and weekend appointments.

A 25% surcharge is applied to twin pregnancies.

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You do not need a referral for any services performed by the Birth Company.

Using our services will not affect your right to NHS care.

The reports and scans we perform are often more comprehensive than NHS equivalent and will be accepted by NHS midwives and consultants. On the rare occasion that it is necessary, and only with your permission, we are also able to discuss your case with your primary caregiver.

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Carmel Lacy

Cervical Scan
If you are at risk of premature birth, it may be useful to have a scan to assess the length of the uterine cervix. A cervical scan is usually done after an abdominal scan. This can be done at any stage from 16 weeks but is most useful if done sequentially at 17 and 21 weeks of pregnancy.

How is this scan done?
A transvaginal approach is the clearest way to best visualize the cervix.

When is this scan done?
The scan can be done at any stage from 16 weeks but is most useful if done sequentially at 17 and 21 weeks of pregnancy.

What result can I expect?
In general a cervix should measure more than 25mm at 16-20 weeks.  If the cervix measures less than 25mm you should discuss it with the person looking after your pregnancy.  We may recommend a further cervical scan in 2-3 weeks.  If the cervix is less than 25mm there may be options to use  progesterone or insert a cervical suture.

What are the indications or reasons for having this scan?

  • Previous premature delivery
  • Loss of amniotic fluid
  • Previous cervical surgical procedures

Is it easy to make an appointment?
We offer morning, afternoon and occasionally evening appointments during the week as well as Saturday appointments.  We have a wide range of availability therefore short notice appointments can be easily arranged.

What you will receive:      

  • Immediate results including gestational age and estimated due date.
  • A report to file with your maternity notes.
  • Pictures

How to Prepare for your scan     

  • An empty bladder is required for the scan