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Birth Preparation to help all expectant mums and their partners

Sessions are available for small groups or for individual couples.

Private Birth Preparation Sessions London

SarahDasMidwife.jpgPregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life, which comes with it’s own challenges and changes. We aim to support you in your individual needs to enable you to enjoy your pregnancy and empower you for a positive birth.

I look forward to welcoming you to the clinic.
Sarah Das, Practice Midwife

Consultation Pricing

Group Session (max 4 couples)                   £300

Private Session                                               £200

Call 020 7725 0528 to book

Midwife Drop In Service
Need to see a midwife urgently?

We offer a same day appointment service on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, our experienced midwives are available to help with any issues you may have.

Please call to check availability.

No referral is needed from your GP

Birth Preparation Sessions

Our Birth Preparation Sessions are available to all expectant parents, whether or not you chose to deliver with our consultants.

You do not need at GP referral to attend our sessions.

Birth preparation sessions with midwife Sarah Das

•    For new parents to be, first or subsequent pregnancies
•    Arranged at a time to suit you
•    All the time you need to prepare for the event
•    Comfortable relaxed environment
•    One-to-one sessions or group sessions. The group sessions are held on a Wednesday or Thursday with a small group of a maximum of four couples. One-to-one sessions can be arranged to suit.

Topics covered

•    The last weeks of pregnancy –  how to optimise your best chance of a normal delivery
•    How labour starts
•    Who and when to call
•    When to come into hospital
•    The first stage of labour
•    Natural coping techniques
•    Your options in labour
•    Making a birth plan
•    The role of your partner
•    Your choices in pain relief
•    The use of water in labour
•    Waterbirth
•    The second stage of labour
•    The birth itself
•    Wecoming your new baby into the world
•    The third stage of labour
•    When help is needed
•    Instrumental and caesarean deliveries
•    Induction of labour
•    Early hours and days following the birth
•    Going home

We encourage you to bring in a list of your own quesitons, there will always be time to cover your questions in detail.