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Well Woman Checks for peace of mind

Detailed Consultation on key areas of Women's Health that are not routinely checked as part of NHS care.

Well Woman Checks London
Well Woman Check Pricing
Consultation £250
Pelvic Ultrasound £180
Smear Test £100


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Well Woman Check

We provide a service of health checks of women who are essentially well.

At this consultation the blood pressure is taken and the breasts are examined. The abdomen is examined. A pelvic examination is performed as appropriate. A cervical smear is taken. This is recommended every 2 years in our clinic. Contraception and other matters are discussed. A trans vaginal ultrasound scan can be performed if the woman is keen to be reassured about her ovaries. Blood tests may be recommended if indicated.

Consultations are flexible in timing and last about 30 minutes.

Reasons to Have a Well Woman Check

Many women like to have a well-woman check as a regular routine perhaps every year or two. This is for general surveillance and in particular for the early detection of cancers of the breast, cervix, uterus and ovaries. The latter two would require an ultrasound scan. It is also an opportunity to discuss reproductive issues, contraception and fertility.