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If you are having IVF abroad, we can make the process much easier

We offer specialist fertility ultrasound scans in a convenient location 6 days a week.

Fertility Services London
Why choose The Birth Company for your scan?
  • Longer appointment times
  • Early morning, Evening and weekend appointments
  • Same day Results
  • Specialist Consultant on hand

Why Choose The Birth Company?

  • Female sonographers
  • Appointments 6 days a week
  • Links with overseas clinics
  • Punctual appointments
  • Convenient Location
  • Longer Appointment times
  • Evening / Weekend Appointments
  • Same Day Results
  • Flexible appointment times

If conceiving is difficult, we can help.

We have a range of services, designed to help optimise your chances of achieving a successful pregnancy. Our staff treat every woman with the compassion needed at this sensitive time.

I hope to welcome you to the clinic soon

Dr Donald Gibb

Donald Gibb

We provide ultrasound and other investigation back up for patients travelling to fertility clinics abroad.

  • readily available scans by experts
  • timing according to fertility cycles
  • pelvic scans
  • endometrial thickness scans
  • follicle scans
  • mock embryo transfer
  • tubal patency tests
  • same day blood test results

We are not a specialist fertility clinic but provide back up facilities for those undergoing IVF abroad. All our sonographers are trained in these transvaginal scans. Timing is often of the essence and we can provide  endometrial thickness scan and follicle scans on six days in the week. We can also take blood tests such as oestrogen levels which can be available the same day. The scan result and the scan pictures can be emailed to the clinic abroad. Our scans are sent by the innovative new technology: Ultrasound Manager.

Dr Gibb is skilled in performing a mock embryo transfer if required. He can also perform tubal patency testing by Hysterosalpingogram at The Portland Hospital.   

We can also take any of a variety of blood tests often requested by the clinic abroad. Occasionally we can provide fertility treatment by injection. 

In the happy event of a possible conception we can perform the sensitive pregnancy blood test beta subunit Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin with the result available the same day as long as it is taken by 3pm. Of course we are also delighted to provide the early pregnancy scans for those who are successful.  

For more information on our Fertility services please contact us on 020 7725 0528