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For those looking for comprehensive care through pregnancy and birth

The Birth Company has a team of experts dedicated to your care.

Private Antenatal and Birth Care Fees

 Delivery by Consultant Obstetrician

Please enquire within office on 0207 725 0528 for prices. Bespoke packages following first consultation.


Our Antenatal and Birth Packages include:

  • Initial antenatal consultation (Excludes Loyalty Clients)
  • Routine antenatal scans
  • Consultant antenatal appointments
  • Midwife antenatal appointments
  • Booking Appointment
  • Routine Antenatal Pathology
  • 1 complementary therapy session
  • 1 complementary breastfeeding consultation
  • 1 antenatal couples class (new parents-to-be only)
  • Consultant’s delivery fee
  • 24 hour mobile phone support


    DonaldMini.jpg With a Consultant Obstetrician  

Caesarean Only Package

Booking from 37 weeks





The Birth Company fee's are not inclusive of The Portland Hospital fee's. Please see here for more details

Insured patients

It is not uncommon for us to see patients who are covered under their medical insurance for all or part of their care. We are happy to deal with insurance companies directly, provided you give us full details of policy numbers, authorisation or claim numbers, and claim forms if they are required. Insured clients from overseas need to have a Letter of Guarantee for payment before treatment, confirming that they have insurance cover and up to what level. However, it is important to understand that shortfalls for consultants’ fees are very common and can sometimes be substantial. If you are unsure about the level up to which your policy covers you, please speak directly to your insurance company to find this out. Or we will do our best to advise you. We will always check to make sure you have adequate cover before treatment can begin.