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Complementary Therapies for Pregnancy

Complementary therapists are on hand to support you through your pregnancy and beyond. Our therapy services include:


Osteopathic treatment can help to ease some of the physical discomforts that women may experience during pregnancy. It can also be particularily helpful to common problems in infancy and childhood.


Reflexology is an ideal form of treatment to prepare the body for pregnancy and birth. Our reflexologist has a broad understanding of how Reflexology can aid with pregnancy as she is also a trained midwife.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu can be very beneficial for expectant mothers, our practitioner speciallises in Shiatsu for pregnancy, Childbirth and the post natal period.

Pregnancy Massage and Beauty Therapy

We offer a range of relaxing and revitalising treatments that are designed to be safe for pregnancy.

Nutrition Coaching

We have an expert nutrition coach here to help with all phases of your journey to parenthood and beyond.