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High quality antenatal care for those planning to deliver in the NHS or abroad

The Birth Company has a team of experts dedicated to your care.

Private Antenatal Care London

You do not need a referral for any services performed by the Birth Company.

Using our services will not affect your right to NHS care.

The reports and scans we perform are often more comprehensive than NHS equivalent and will be accepted by NHS midwives and consultants. On the rare occasion that it is necessary, and only with your permission, we are also able to discuss your case with your primary caregiver.

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Carmel Lacy

Antenatal Care

We provide antenatal care for women who are planning to have their baby in the NHS or abroad.

  • Flexible appointments, early, late, and Saturday
  • Senior consultant
  • Reports accepted by NHS and other doctors
  • Tailored according to individual requirements
  • Prices according to individual requirements
  • Ultrasound scans by consultant or sonographer as required or requested.
  • Telephone support as requested

Antenatal Care
This usually starts with an early viability scan although it can start at any time. The purpose of antenatal care is to detect any possible threat to the mother and/or baby. A history will be taken of any pre-existing medical condition and a basic examination will be performed. The first visit will certainly include a scan. Apart from a chat and discussion all antenatal visits will include a measurement of blood pressure, checking of the urine, weighing the mother if requested and appropriate as well as a check of the tummy and the baby's heart beat. Ultrasound scans are fully recommended at 12 weeks, 22 weeks, 28 weeks, 34 weeks and 39 weeks. We are a scan orientated clinic and offer an ultrasound scan with each visit. Blood test and a more formal urine test are performed if required at the first visit and at 32 weeks. If the woman is also booked in the NHS then we are happy to accept their blood test results: this will limit the costs. Should women have any medical issue outside of but associated with the pregnancy then referral will be made to an appropriate specialist.    

This will provide the woman with a full antenatal record with which she can then proceed to the NHS or back to her home country. We provide a fit to travel letter at the final appointment. Women who are giving birth in the NHS are welcome to continue to come to see us right up until the end of the pregnancy. All women can have one or more session with one of our midwives to discuss infant feeding or other midwifery related issues. They can also have a complimentary therapy session of their choice. We will give you advice about diet, exercise and other lifestyle issues.

What is described is exactly the same formula that is available to women also having their birth with us. Your partner and children are welcome to attend consultations if you wish. 

The costing of an individual package depends on what is required. This can be discussed with a member of reception.