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A package for those who would prefer a private caesarean delivery

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Private Caesarean London
Caesarean Delivery Pricing

Booking from 37 weeks                               £4,000


Caesarean section only package
The Birth Company has tailored a special package for women who have booked into an NHS Trust hospital and discover, late into their pregnancy, that complications have arisen and that they will need a Caesarean section for medical reasons. This is called a ‘medical elective Caesarean section’. If this happens to you, you may prefer to transfer to a private facility for the delivery. The advantages of this are that you will have a private consultant who can discuss a date that is suitable for you, a private room to give you extra comfort during your recovery, and one-to-one care with a midwife after the birth. You will need to meet a consultant for at least one consultation and an ultrasound scan and, once it is agreed that this is the best option of care for you, our support team will make arrangements for your admission to hospital. Six weeks after the birth, your consultant will see you for a postnatal check-up, to make sure you are fully recovered.

If you have medical insurance, you may be able to claim on your insurance to cover the cost of the ‘Caesarean section'.  In many cases there will be a shortfall in charges for out-patient appointments. It is therefore recommended to consult your medical insurance provider beforehand. Or you can choose the package as a non-insured patient.